It’s 2016! Why is your site not mobile?

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Seriously! Why not?

All anyone online can talk about is how more and more web traffic is coming from mobile devices.

Google has spoken and says they won’t rank your site as well if it isn’t mobile responsive.

I didn’t really share it around, but I posted a little rant about it here, last year.

There really is no excuse.

If you have a website as part of a package of products, and that provider limits your ability to have a mobile responsive site, you need to complain. TODAY! STRONGLY!! With the threat of leaving.

If you haven’t thought about your site in years, you need to.  What I said in this post (which is still my homepage for now) still holds. But it matters more, now. Because of mobile. Because of Google. You have to be paying something to host your website.  If no one can find you (because Google killed your search results) or read your pages (because they aren’t optimized for small screens), then you are wasting your money.  You might as well just take your site down.

Or find someone to fix it, and get some of those customers back.  It’s your call.


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