Have you talked to your web developer lately?

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A lot can happen on the internet in 12 months. A lot!

Many of the trends that were popular in 2013 were not popular in 2014. In fact, in some cases the exact opposite was popular a year later. While it is hard to say what will be popular on the web in 2015, there are definitely some trends that look like they will become more widespread over the coming year. However, it isn’t your job to worry about those things. It should be the job of your web developer.

A good web developer should be your partner in developing a website that is not only good looking and modern, but that provides value to your clients and your prospective clients. The goal is to design websites with the visitor in mind. The kind of developer you need will help you provide the most value possible to your visitors.

It is not just about web design

It is not just about developing a website. This is developing a “web strategy.” This is a process that begins with a new website, but continues far beyond. In order to best serve your visitors, you need to know who they are. Do you? Do you know why your visitors are coming to your website? Do you know how long they are staying or what they are doing while they are there? Do you have a good understanding of what YOU want your visitors to do on your website and why YOU want them to be there? You need a partner that will help you find out!

Some of these questions may be able to be answered before any new code is written for your new, modern website. These are the questions and answers that can be used for the initial development. This is what will guide the website toward the launch. These questions and answers will help point you in the right direction and start strong.

Some of these questions won’t be able to be answered until after your new website is active. Some of the answers may change once you have a modern, attractive website with new content in place. This is a process, remember. If you really want to provide the most value and the best experience to your visitors it takes monitoring, testing and asking questions.

The key to the whole thing is that you need a partner in the process. You don’t need someone to build you a pretty new website and then leave. You don’t need someone that expects you to do all the work or already know exactly what you want and need. You need someone to take the lead and walk you through the process and be your partner every step of the way.

This is what we do

You need someone to help you. Maybe you need someone to just do it for you. (After all, you have a business to run.) That is what we do. We’ll ask the questions and use the right tools to get answers. We will partner with you to make the right decisions to continually improve your web presence.

That can look a lot of different ways.

  • Maybe a complete strategy is developed from the beginning, and you want us to execute on that strategy as we see fit, reporting back what we do.
  • Maybe we give you monthly reports with our suggestions and you decide how much you want us to do.
  • Maybe we get together regularly and discuss what’s working and what could be adjusted and create an ongoing strategy.
  • Maybe you already have someone who wants to contribute ongoing content and you just need us to help make sure it fits your strategy.

Every company and website is unique, and so the process will be unique for everyone. That is why it is so important to have someone who is willing to put in the time to work along side you and be your partner in the process. Go to our contact page and send us a message and let us start working to see how we can benefit you.

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